William N. Fahy
Attorney at Law

Will Fahy has more than 30 years of trial experience handling a wide range of criminal and administrative cases.  Will has tried hundreds of cases as both a prosecutor and defense attorney.  As a former prosecutor, Will knows how law enforcement builds a case, and more importantly, how to expose weaknesses in a case.  He knows how to effectively develop a trial strategy, review evidence, conduct an independent investigation, negotiate with the other side, and successfully defend a case.

Our office offers our clients the perspective and experience needed to properly develop and implement aggressive and successful trial strategies.  We have been entrusted and called upon by clients from diverse backgrounds to handle a wide range of criminal and administrative matters because of our experience, reputation, and proven success.

Will specializes in:

  •     Defense of criminal cases in state and federal courts
  •     Defense of DUI’s and traffic-related matters
  •     Defense of clients at administrative hearings
  •     Defense of governmental employees during internal disciplinary        investigations
  •     Counseling to clients that are under investigation by law enforcement agencies